Foreign Minister Davutoğlu “Turkey will not change its policy towards Somalia”
Foreign Minister Davutoğlu “Turkey will not change its policy towards Somalia”

Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey paid a visit to the wounded police officers who were injured during the attack on Turkish Embassy in Mogadishu at Atatürk Training and Research Hospital in Ankara.

Foreign Minister Davutoğlu extended his condolences to the family of Sinan Yılmaz who lost his life in the attack and to the Turkish National Police and wished a quick recovery to the wounded police officers. Foreign Minister Davutoğlu said that all Turkish institutions contribute to Turkey’s exceptional efforts in Somalia and the role of security authorities who are responsible for the protection of staff of the Embassy, Turkish flag and non-governmental organizations is fundamental.

Foreign Minister Davutoğlu stated that the security measures will be further increased from now on and starting from the new Embassy building a more sheltered structure will be established in the country.

Foreign Minister Davutoğlu maintained that Turkey has been in Somalia for humanitarian purposes and has made efforts which strengthened the historical friendship between the two countries. “Turkey has achieved a legendary success in Somalia in the past two years. Today, if life has got back to normal in Mogadishu, in Somalia; if political process has started to function, if the life of brotherly Somali people who consider Turkey with respect has begun to return to normal, Turkey’s contributions have played an important role in this process” said Foreign Minister Davutoğlu.

Foreign Minister Davutoğlu emphasized that there will be no change in Turkey’s policy towards Somalia and Turkey will continue to stand by Somali people.