Exhibitions in 2016
• Exhibition of the archival documents on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Türkiye and Chile. (January 13-February 1, 2016)

• Painting exhibition of Zeki SERBEST titled “Our Lands” (April 12-May 2, 2016)

• 10th Group Exhibition" by the members of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their family members (May 20-September 30, 2016) 

• Painting exhibition by Ahmet Yeşil titled “Undated Diaries” (December 7 – 30, 2016) 

• Photograph exhibition titled "Alexander Dubcek-Human Face of Politics (November 24-December 1, 2016) 

• Photograph exhibition titled "Our Antarctica: Images from the Great White South” (October 14-November 14, 2016)