Cultural Activities Organized Abroad and Bilateral Agreements

In order to contribute to the overseas promotion of the rich historical and cultural heritage that Turkey has, a wide range of cultural activities are organized abroad every year by the Turkish Diplomatic missions. Main activities held in a vast geographical zone by the Turkish missions are “Turkish Culture Days/Weeks”, “Turkish Film Days”, “Turkish Festivals”, “Turkish Food Week”, various kinds of exhibitions, dance performances, concerts, conferences and seminars on culture and art, poem festivals, literature days, etc.

Projects carried out for the purpose of enhancing cultural relations are not only restricted to bilateral activities. In this context, to promote the modern face and art of Turkey as well as Turkish traditional art branches abroad and to increase its visibility in the culture and art platforms, participations of Turkish artists to the international festivals and cultural events/functions are encouraged with support and coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Through such activities, elevation of intercultural dialogue to a new and higher level by means of the universal language of art is fostered.

Likewise, efforts continued in 2021 to establish and strengthen the legal basis in order to serve the purpose of enhancing our bilateral relations with other countries in the fields of culture, education, youth, sports, archives, librarianship and science. As part of these efforts, a total of 46 agreements, protocols and memoranda of understanding as well as 78 sister city agreements were signed during this period.