o:194 - December 22nd, 2005, Press Statement Regarding the ECHR Judgement Concerning the Application of a Greek-Cypriot National, Ms. Xenides-Arestis (Unofficial Translation)

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) announced, today, its judgment concerning the application of a Greek-Cypriot national, Ms. Xenides-Arestis.

In its judgment the ECHR called for introduction of a local remedy, in conformity with the European standards within 3 months, which will address both the case of Xenides-Arestis and similar Greek Cypriot property claims. While holding that there was a violation of the right of Ms. Xenides-Arestis the ECHR, nevertheless, did not rule for compensation.

Setting certain time-tables for the establishment as well as the functioning of an effective domestic remedy mechanism, the ECHR announced that until that time all similar applications would be suspended.

We are of the opinion that amendments made in the “Law for Compensation, Exchange and Restitution of Immovable Properties”, which has been drafted by the Turkish Cypriot legal experts and adopted on 19 December 2005 by the TRNC Parliament will meet the expectations that are stated in the ECHR’s judgment.

The property issue in Cyprus has a complicated nature. Nonetheless, the above-mentioned legislation presents an important opportunity for solution. In fact, today’s judgment of the ECHR testifies to fact that this legislation is right on the mark.

This major step taken by the Government and the Parliament of the TRNC towards fulfilling the expectations of the ECHR is welcomed.