No:107 - July 7th, 2005, Press Release Regarding the Recent Terror Attacks in Iraq (Unofficial Translation)

We monitor with concern the recent increase in terror attacks against members of the diplomatic missions in Iraq.

We have learned with sorrow that the Egyptian Ambassador to Iraq, who was kidnapped earlier, has been murdered.

We condemn the attacks, comprising those that targeted diplomats including the Ambassadors of Pakistan and Bahrain, which aim to sabotage the efforts to establish stability in Iraq. We extend our condolences to the friendly and fraternal people of Egypt.

We expect the Iraqi Government to capture and bring to justice rapidly the perpetrators of the attacks against members of the diplomatic missions.

Turkey attaches great importance to her neighboring Iraq attaining as soon as possible tranquility and stability. To that effect, our Government extends full support to the Transitional Government’s efforts to reconstruct the country including the activities to reconstitute security forces.