No: 70, 22 February 2015, Press Release Regarding the Temporary Relocation of the Tomb of Süleyman Şah and Memorial Outpost

The Tomb of Süleyman Şah and Memorial Outpost is a Turkish territory within the borders of Syria as per agreements concluded in accordance with the international law.

The Tomb and its annex, since their construction originally on the hills of Caber Castle, have gone through several processes of demolition, relocation, and reconstruction. The Tomb was moved to its current location in 1975 as a consequence of a dam construction.

The ongoing conflict and state of chaos in Syria posed serious risks to safety and security of the Tomb located in Karakozak Village in Munbic/Syria, 37 km away from the borders of Turkey, and of the Turkish Armed Forces personnel valiantly guarding it.

Based on extensive assessments, the Tomb of Süleyman Şah and Memorial Outpost, together with the sarcophagus itself, have been temporarily moved to a new site within Syria, corresponding to the acreage of the previous one, in the north of Suriye Eşmesi village close to the Turkish borders.

The temporary relocation of the Tomb, conducted on the basis of security assessments, does not constitute any change on the status of the Tomb and its annex stated by the agreements.

The process of relocation, which is to keep the Tomb of Süleyman Şah and Memorial Outpost and its assigned personnel out of harm's way, was completed on February 22, 2015.