Turkey's Relations with the Arab Countries

As one of the major components of the Middle East region, Turkey associates the stability, security and wellbeing of the Arab countries directly with its own.

In this context, Turkey stands alongside the Arab countries and provides the necessary support, solidarity and contributions in face of all the social, economic and political challenges that these countries encounter. Turkey firmly believes that the difficulties faced by the Arab countries can be settled in a sustainable and durable manner only peacefully within the political sphere, and through cooperation, coordination and inclusive dialogue.

With a view to seek and sustain stability and peace, Turkey approaches the regional challenges with a long-term perspective. In this regard, instead of seeking and supporting short-term and tentative solutions, Turkey proactively pursues sustainable solutions that are in line with the realities on the ground and that are in line with the expectations of the people of the region.

As a part of its general perspective towards the region, Turkey strives to increase its political, economic, social and cultural cooperation and engagement with Arab countries, to the extent possible.

In this framework, Turkey’s vision for its future with the Arab countries is to develop social, economic and cultural interaction, within a politically and security-wise stable environment, and on the basis of the win-win principle. With this vision, Turkey wishes and seeks to increase the prosperity and well-being of not only the Turkish people, but also the peoples of the countries of the region.