Türkiye´s Political Relations With Belarus

Türkiye was the first country to recognize the Republic of Belarus on December 16, 1991 after the declaration of its independence on August 25, 1991. Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established on May 25, 1992.

There are no current political problems between Türkiye and Belarus. The two countries cooperate in many fields such as economic and trade related issues, cultural and humanitarian affairs, military and defence industry, fight against terrorism and high technology. Relations between Türkiye and Belarus are developing on the basis of mutual respect and benefit, and cooperation and ties of friendship have been strengthening.

The President of Belarus Mr. Aleksandr Lukashenka paid an official visit to Türkiye in July 1996 and the then Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ivan Antonovich in October 1998. There have also been bilateral contacts between the leaders of two countries at the margins of international events. In this context, the 10th President of Türkiye Mr. Sezer and the President of Belarus Mr. Lukashenka held talks during the Millennium Summit in New York in September 2000 and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of both countries met on the occasion of several international meetings such as OSCE Council of Ministers Meeting in Bucharest in December 2001, 56th Session of the UN General Assembly in November 2001, 58th Session of the UN General Assembly in September 2003 and the 61st Session of the UN General Assembly in September 2006 in New York.

Foreign Minister of Belarus Mr. Sergey Martynov visited Türkiye as the Co-Chairman of the Joint Economic Commission on 25-28 May 2004 for the Commission’s fourth meeting.

At the level of Speakers of Parliament, the then President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Mr. Hüsamettin Cindoruk paid a visit to Minsk in 1992. On the other hand, visits between the members of the inter-parliamentary friendship groups of Türkiye and Belarus as well as their respective members of the Parliamentary Assemblies of BSEC and NATO contribute to the development of inter-parliamentary relations.

A Turkish Parliamentary Delegation headed by the then Chairman of the Turkish National Delegation at PACE, PACE Deputy Chairman Mr. Murat Mercan visited Belarus on 4-7 December 2006.

A Parliamentary Delegation from Belarus headed by Anatoly Malofeyev, Chairman of the Turkish-Belorussian Friendship Group and Chairman of the Standing Committee for Regional Policy and Local Self-Government of the Belorussian Parliament visited Türkiye on 19-23 November 2007, upon the invitation of the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Mr. Murat Mercan.

Türkiye has an Embassy in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Belarus has an Embassy in Ankara and Honorary Consulates in İzmir and İstanbul.