Relations between Türkiye and Vanuatu

Diplomatic relations between Türkiye and Vanuatu were established in 1995.

Turkish Embassy in Canberra is accredited to Vanuatu. Vanuatu has an Honorary Consulate in Istanbul.

No bilateral high-level visit between Türkiye and Vanuatu has been conducted so far. On the other hand, former Foreign Minister of Vanuatu, Georges Welles, attended the Turkish-Pacific Foreign Ministers meeting which was held in Istanbul on 9-11 April 2008 and 7-8 June 2014. Former Prime Minister of Vanuatu, Serge Vohor, attended the UN Conference on Least Developed Countries which was held in Istanbul, on 9-13 May 2011.

Vanuatu citizens who have valid OECD/Schengen visa or residence permit are included to the e-visa system as of 25 August 2015.

Vanuatu consists of 83 islands, 80 percent of which are inhabited. The country’s economy is mainly based on tourism, agriculture and fishing which in total accounts for approximately %90 of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Like other Pacific islands, Vanuatu is vulnerable to climate change and continue to face negative impacts of global warming.