The First Foreign Ministerial Meeting of Turkey-CARICOM Consultation and Cooperation Mechanism ends in İstanbul
The First Foreign Ministerial Meeting of Turkey-CARICOM Consultation and Cooperation Mechanism ends in İstanbul

The First Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Turkey-Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Consultation and Cooperation Mechanism held in Istanbul ended in İstanbul.

Following the meeting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu, together with Secretary-General of CARICOM, Irwin La Rocque and Chairman of CARICOM Council, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guiana, Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett held a joint press conference.

Stressing that during the talks a model framework was generated for potential cooperation between a country and a regional organization, both of which have different characteristics in two different geographies, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu pointed out that sides have been convinced that a real cooperation atmosphere exists in terms of understanding the problems of each other despite different geographical features with empathy and practical steps with a view to reflecting these problems together in the international arena.

Noting that Turkey and CARICOM member countries emphasized the need for a more fair and a more equitable international economic order in terms of income distribution, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu stated that development of a institutional relation on the basis of mutual respect, empathy and common vision was discussed.

Stating that they agreed on developing a cooperation and development action plan immediately after strengthening the institutional infrastructure, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu said “In this action plan, in terms of improving both bilateral and regional relations, we have prioritized specific sectors such as tourism, health and agriculture, we have addressed these sectors individually.”

Expressing that Turkey will stand by the CARICOM countries with respect to fight against poverty and humanitarian aid, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu said “In the last 5 years, we have provided 8 million dollars development assistance, and declared additional 2 million dollars. We will allocate this amount to each country within the framework of development plan.”

Foreign Minister Davutoğlu emphasized that the CARICOM and Turkey will also support each other in the international fora and said “CARICOM, as of today, doesn’t have 14 members. It has 14 plus 1 member. These 14 members are institutional part of CARICOM. There is a voluntary member, which is Turkey.”

Istanbul Declaration on a New Era of Cooperation and Consultatıon Between Turkey and the Caribbean Community, 18 July 2014