Relations between Turkey and Slovak Republic

Turkey was one of the first countries to recognize the independent Slovak Republic, following the peaceful dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993. Bilateral relations between Turkey and the Slovak Republic are free from political disputes and maintain a friendly course.

NATO and the EU, of which Slovakia has been a member since 2004, are the two main organizations at which Turkey and the Slovak Republic collaborate closely.

Reciprocal high-level visits also give impetus to the bilateral relations.

Slovak Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Minister Lajcak visited Turkey twice in 2018, in August and November, while Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu paid a visit to Slovakia to attend the 4th Visegrad Group (V4)+Turkey Foreign Ministers Meeting held in Bratislava on 30 April 2019.

Bilateral trade volume between Turkey and Slovakia stood at 1.29 billion USD in 2018 (Turkish exports: 532 million USD; imports: 767 million USD).

Turkey’s main export items to Slovakia are motor cars, textile products, copper and aluminium plates, while its main import items from Slovakia are motor cars, new pneumatic tyres, parts and accessories for motor vehicles and air or vacuum pumps.

Last session of the Joint Economic Commission between the two countries took place in Ankara in November 2012.

Around 560 Turkish citizens reside in Slovakia.

In 2018, more than 157 thousand Slovak tourists visited Turkey, with an increase of 62 % compared to the previous year.