QA-17, 9 July 2013, Statement of the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey in Response to a Question Regarding the Weapons Captured in Yemeni Territorial Waters

We have been informed that an operation was conducted on 6 July by the Yemeni coast guard off Al Hudaydah, on the foreign-flagged ship “Svetla” that set off from Turkish ports. It was reported that blank weapons, apparently  intended for smuggling into Yemen,were seized during the search carried out in the ship and that the crew, among them Turkish nationals, were put in custody. Pending the investigation launched by the Yemeni authorities regarding the event,the situation of the Turkish crew is attentively followed up by the Turkish Embassy in Sana’a.

The security dialogue and cooperation between the two countries has been reinforced concerning the casesof arms smuggling that have occurred in Yemen in recent months, allegedly originating in Turkey. We will maintain all necessary cooperation with the Yemeni authorities in order that the matter is investigated in all its aspects.

Turkey will continue to lendits solid support to the stability and security in Yemen in its ongoing transition and transformation process and to the well-being and prosperity of the friendly and brotherly people of Yemen.