QA: 2, 18 January 2012, Statement of the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey in Response to a Question

We welcome the recent signing of a ceasefire agreement between the Government of Myanmar and the Karen National Union, one of the most numerous ethnic groups in the country.

The recent release of a large number of political prisoners upon the Government’s decision also constituted a significant development.

The democratization and reform process that was initiated with the general elections held in Myanmar in November 2010 as well as efforts at achieving reconciliation with the ethnic groups in the country will contribute not only to Myanmar’s territorial integrity and development but also to the peace and prosperity of the entire people of Myanmar.

We wish that Myanmar, which will assume in 2014 the rotating presidency of ASEAN with whom Turkey signed the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in 2010, will continue to take steps embracing all segments of the society on the basis of reconciliation and dialogue, in line with the Asian spirit.

Turkey, which has decided in 2011 to open an Embassy in Myanmar, believes that it is important for the international community to support and encourage such positive developments taking place in the country.

Turkey’s first Ambassador in Myanmar will start his duties soon.