No: 98, 22 April 2016, Press Release Regarding the Statement by the U.S.President Obama on the 1915 Events

U.S. President Obama’s statement on 22 April 2016 is yet another example of the assessments on the sufferings endured under the circumstances of the First World War on the basis of a one-sided narrative.

Turkey demonstrates a sincere desire to establish a common future in peace between the Turkish and Armenian people based on their centuries-long experience of co-existence. It is saddening that friendly and allied countries, rather than supporting this call, prefer to encourage those who advocate the deepening of the confrontation.

It is a fact that efforts to exploit the sufferings of the past for political manipulation have not brought any benefit to any one so far.

This being the case, those who seek to draw advantage from the political stances taken by third countries every year at certain dates, not only harm the prospects of peace and friendship but also show disrespect to the common pain of that period.

In this context, we call upon the U.S. Administration to adopt an objective, prudent and constructive approach, which takes the sufferings of all sides into consideration, by evaluating the historical realities on the basis of a just memory.