No: 64, 10 March 2013, Press Release regarding an allegation about the stance of Turkey towards Syrians under protection in Turkey.

The policies of the State of the Republic of Turkey in the humanitarian field, and in this respect towards refugees are shaped by traditions inherited from its deep-rooted history and are in full compliance with international law.

In this line, Turkey has not made any discrimination based on ethnic, linguistic, religious, sectarian or any other denomination during any humanitarian crisis in the World and has taken part in and contributed to international endeavours with humanitarian and conscientious considerations only.

With this understanding, since the first day of this humanitarian tragedy in Syria, Turkish borders were always kept open to our Syrian brothers and sisters from all religions, sects and ethnic groups without any discrimination or limitation, on the basis of a policy that has treated all Syrians equally.

Presently, a total of approximately 190.000- Syrian brothers and sisters from all walks of life in Syria who have fled from the oppression of the regime in Syria and taken refuge in Turkey are accommodated in protection centres established by Turkey and all their needs are met without any discrimination.

Furthermore, the number of Syrians living in various cities in Turkey now exceeds 100.000. The approach of Turkey to this issue is praised by the international community, starting with the UN.

However, the allegation of a member of parliament from a political party which sent a delegation to Syria and held talks with the regime last week, that Christian refugees are not accepted to the protection centres in Turkey has caused astonishment and regret. It is extremely sad and thought-provoking that such an allegation was made without even considering the necessity to consult with the competent authorities of one’s own country about its accuracy.

Turkey will continue to embrace equally all Syrians affected by the on-going humanitarian tragedy Syria.