No: 56, 12 February 2015, Press Release Regarding the Minsk Agreement of 12 February on Ukrainian Crisis

We welcome the agreement reached after the negotiations held in Minsk today (12 February) with the participation of the leaders of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, France and Germany regarding the situation in Ukraine. Turkey supports the “Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements” signed by all the related parties and expects that it will be implemented. We believe that the parties to the agreement will demonstrate the necessary care and sensitivity for the implementation of the envisaged measures in the field. We call upon all parties to continue to render their contributions ceaselessly in this direction.

We consider the fact that important duties and responsibilities are entrusted to the OSCE in the process of monitoring the implementation of the Package of Measures as a confirmation of the successful and prudent efforts carried out by OSCE in the field until today.

We gladly note that the parameters for finding a solution to the crisis through peaceful means on the basis of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity have become the fundamental principles on which today’s reconciliation is built as we have emphasized since the outbreak of the crisis. It is our most sincere wish that this conflict threatening not only the peace and stability of the region but also the reliability of international system will be resolved lastingly.

Turkey will maintain its support to the implementation of the ceasefire agreement that will primarily give an end to the suffering of people and loss of lives, and to the process of establishing a lasting solution and peace.