No: 42, 12 February 2016, Press Release Regarding Turkey’s Humanitarian Assistance to Yemen

Turkey desires the re-institution of stability and security in friendly and brotherly Yemen as soon as possible through the restoration of legitimate state authority and supports the efforts in this direction.

Turkey has been working in in coordination with the legitimate Yemeni authorities in order to ameliorate the unfavourable humanitarian conditions caused by the forces holding the de facto power by resorting to violence and coercion, and to meet the basic needs of our suffering Yemeni brothers and sisters.

In this context, following the humanitarian assistance extended in 2015, a relief ship carrying 6,000 tons of humanitarian aid items, consisting mainly of food, is planned to sail from Mersin on 13 February 2016 in order to deliver additional aid to the people in need in Yemen.

Turkey will continue to stand by Yemen in this difficult period as it has always been the case in the past.
Turkey, cognizant of its humanitarian duties and responsibilities, continues to mobilize all its relevant organizations and institutions in order to deliver humanitarian aid to the people in need wherever they are in the world in a most rapid and effective manner.