No: 292, 12 September 2014, Press Release Regarding the Incident between an Attaché of the Kuwaiti Embassy and a Turkish Army Officer

We have learned that Lt. Col. Hakan Karakuş was injured after a traffic argument between the Kuwaiti Embassy Attaché Amad Ali Almohaid and Lt. Col. Hakan Karakuş in Ankara on 10 September 2014.

We called Lt. Col. Karakuş, wished him a speedy recovery and obtained information about the incident.

Since the Kuwaiti Ambassador is out of Ankara, officials of the Kuwaiti Embassy have been invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and were required to provide an explanation on this incident.

The incident is investigated by security and judicial authorities in all its aspects. Necessary steps will be taken according to the results and information will be provided on further developments.