No: 275, 11 October 2013, Press Release Regarding the Kidnapping of Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan

We have been greatly concerned about the kidnapping of H.E. Mr. Ali Zeidan, Prime Minister of Libya yesterday (10 October) by gunmen.

Our consolation with regard to this serious incident is that Prime Minister Zeidan was able to resume his functions within few hours without any harm to his health.

We strongly condemn this aggression against Prime Minister Zeidan, appointed by the General National Congress, the legitimate representative of the people in Libya which is passing through a democratic transformation process. We consider that any attack against the legitimate representatives of the Libyan people is unacceptable.

We wish that our Libyan brothers will find solutions to their problems on the basis of legitimacy, in a peaceful manner, through dialogue and abiding by the goals of freedom, peace, democracy and prosperity of the Revolution they accomplished by enduring great sorrows. In this framework, it is important for Libya to have public institutions which are reliable, accountable and effective in every field, particularly in the fields of defense and security. Turkey will continue to support brotherly Libya on this issue.

We reiterate that Turkey, which has been providing every kind of support to the transformation process in Libya since its inception, will stand by Libya in its struggle against terrorism, as in every field.