No: 255, 29 July 2014, Press Release Regarding the Treatment of Some Crimean Tatar Turk Patients in Turkey

It was  announced to the public on various occasions that our Government would fulfill  the responsibilities to fall on its shoulders  in the extraordinary period that our brethren Crimean Tatar Turks, whose security and welfare constitute a priority for us, have been going through.

Within the scope of our efforts to that end, it was decided to undertake the treatment of twelve of our Crimean Tatar Turk brethren, in serious condition, at the hospitals of our Ministry of Health in Turkey.

Five of these patients, some of whom are children, arrived in Turkey accompanied by their  families and began to receive treatment in Istanbul hospitals on 28 July.

It is planned to bring seven more of our brethren to Turkey for treatment in the upcoming days following the completion of the necessary procedures.