No: 224, 14 August 2013, Press Release Regarding the Second Round of Mali’s Presidential Elections

We welcome the completion of the second round of elections held on 11 August 2013 in Mali, also without any incidents and in a peaceful atmosphere, following the first round of the Presidential elections organized on 28 July 2013.

We extend our congratulations to all national and international parties, particularly to the people of Mali, which contributed to the successful conclusion of the elections. In fact, the people of Mali clearly expressed the aspiration they desired for unity, stability and development in the country through the interest they showed to the elections and their broad participation.

We wish that the political stability, which will be ensured through the establishment of social reconciliation, will be consolidated as a permanent element in Mali, following the election process symbolizing the return to democratic order.

Turkey, which has been carefully observing the developments in Mali since the beginning, will continue to give all kinds of support to the friendly and brotherly State of Mali in bilateral and international fields during this process, in coordination with the international community.