No: 203, 03 November 2009, Press Release Regarding the Presidential Elections in Afghanistan

Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan announced on 2 October 2009 that the second round of the Presidential elections will not be held and President Karzai has won the elections. Turkey congratulates President Karzai for being re-elected and hopes that the coming period will be auspicious for the Afghan people.

Thanks to the courage and determination of the Afghan people, in the face of difficult conditions, Presidential and Provincial Council elections were held on 20 August 2009. Each election experience undoubtedly constitutes a step in strengthening democracy.

Turkey is confident that the country’s stability as well as its social and political harmony will grow stronger in the coming period. Turkey will always stand by the friendly and brotherly Afghan people and fully trust that they will surmount the difficulties confronting them in unity and solidarity. In this context, Turkey wishes that the new administration will reach out to all ethnic groups in the country through embracing and inclusive policies and that all who competed against President Karzai in the elections will offer their support to the new administration.

Following the election process, it is of great importance for Afghanistan to refocus on national unity and reconstruction efforts as soon as possible. Turkey has already been implementing an intensive assistance program for the peace and prosperity of her Afghan brothers and sisters and will resolutely continue and increase her contributions in the coming period.