No: 200, 28 October 2009, Press Release Regarding the Terrorist Attack in Afghanistan

We have learned with deep sorrow and concern that the terrorist attack that took place today (28 October 2009) in the capital of brotherly Afghanistan, targeting a guest house where some of the United Nations (UN) staff reside, has claimed the lives of several UN officers. This attack aims at harming the Presidential election process as well as the security, stability and peace of Afghanistan. Turkey believes that the elections to be held next month will constitute an important milestone in the efforts to effectively fight against terrorism and restore stability.

On the other hand, it is even more saddening that the attack has targeted the very UN staff who are striving to realize various projects that would benefit the Afghan people. Nonetheless, we trust that such attack shall not be able to obstruct the efforts of the UN and other international organizations as well as the international community that are endeavouring intensively to promote Afghanistan’s reconstruction.

Turkey strongly condemns this henious attack and once again reiterates that she will resolutely continue her efforts towards the promotion of the welfare of the Afghani people and the establishment of peace in their country.

In strong solidarity with the UN, Turkey extends her condolences to the families of the victims and wishes God’s mercy to the lost ones and swift recovery to the wounded ones.