No: 192, 4 July 2013, Press Release Regarding the Latest Developments in Egypt

Turkey has wholeheartedly supported the democratic transition in Egypt that began with the Revolution of the 25th of January and has stood by the friendly and brotherly people of Egypt in their march towards democracy. We are following with deep concern the developments that took place in Egypt yesterday. The situation in Egypt, following the removal from office yesterday of President Muhammed Mursi by the Egyptian Armed Forces and the suspension of the Constitution, has reached an extremely sensitive and alarming stage.

As previously stated, we believe it is imperative that the current crisis must be overcome through a societal consensus to be achieved through an approach and dialogue that embraces and takes into account the concerns and views of all segments of society.

It is not possible for any democratic country to comprehend nor to accept that an elected President is removed from office through undemocratic means other than elections. We expect all due respect to be extended to elected President Mursi in this new period in Egypt as well.

We call upon all parties to act with common sense and restraint for the process of democratization that was initiated by the friendly and brotherly people of Egypt with the Revolution of the 25th of January 2011 to be crowned with success, to respect the rule of law and to re-establish the democratic order by holding free and fair elections as soon as possible. We wish that Egypt promptly reinstates a civil government which drives its strength from constitutional legitimacy and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

We are confident that the Egyptian people and administration will overcome its challenges on the basis of societal consensus and democracy.

As always, Turkey will continue to stand by the people of its friend and brother Egypt and to support its political stability, unity and solidarity and economic prosperity.