No: 188, 16 October 2009, Press Release Regarding the Terrorist Attacks in Pakistan

The terrorist attacks which took place in five different places on 15 October 2009 in Pakistan’s second largest city of Lahore, capital of the Punjab province, and in Kohat in the northwest, have caused deep sorrow and concern. We strongly condemn the attacks which according to initial reports claimed the lives of 39 and injured many and express our solidarity with the Pakistani government and with those afflicted.

These attacks clearly demonstrate the dimensions of the scourge of terrorism that friendly and brotherly Pakistan is confronting. On this sad occasion, international cooperation and solidarity in the fight against terrorism has once again proved its vitality in its purest form.

The target of the attacks is the peace and welfare of the entire Pakistani people. As we sincerely share the pain of the Pakistani government and people, we once again highlight the importance that we attach to the friendly and brotherly relations we enjoy with Pakistan that is growing stronger over time.