No: 169, 28 July 2016, Press Release Regarding the Besiegement of Aleppo by the Regime

Following a de-facto blockade due to the intensification of the regime’s and its supporters’ attacks since the beginning of July, the complete besiegement of Eastern Aleppo via the recent closure of the last remaining supply route connecting the city with the rest of the country is a source of grave indignation.

The efforts of the regime and its supporters, who have never been sincere about finding a political solution to the conflict but insisted on seeking a military solution, to justify this move by using the Cessation of Hostilities agreement and counter-terrorism as pretexts are simply outrageous and unacceptable.

Airstrikes targeting civilian population and infrastructure in Aleppo must cease immediately. Sieges in Aleppo and in the rest of Syria, under which millions of civilians are condemned to endure inhumane conditions, must be lifted at once. Without further ado, these civilians must be provided protection as well as uninterrupted and unconditional access to humanitarian aid under the supervision of the UN. It should be borne in mind that these unprecedentedly cruel practices add to the long list of crimes against humanity committed by the regime and its supporters.

The international community, first and foremost the UN, should act immediately and take the necessary steps to put a stop to these practices which are an affront to humanity.