No: 141, 22 June 2016, Press Release Regarding the Russia's Attacks in Syria

Attacks by the regime and the Russian Federation against civilians in Syria and their track record on crimes committed through these attacks are increasing by the day. While this is the case, the footages of Russia’s use of cluster bombs in Russian televisions and the fact that Russian aircraft have been recorded while using white phosphorus bombs in the northern part of Aleppo in the last two days are outrageous and cause for serious concern.

Similarly, UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura draws particular attention to these attacks and the bombings of besieged areas right before or after humanitarian aid reaches to those locations and underlines that targeting of civilians does not provide any possibility of talks for a political solution.
Use of all kinds of weapons and ammunition by a permanent member of the UN Security Council, such as Russia, against the Syrian people and civilians, just like the regime, can never be acceptable in the name of humanity.

Our hope is that Russia immediately reverse its mistake, stop its attacks against the Syrian people and contribute to the realization of a genuine political transition in Syria based on the will of the people.