No: 131, 24 April 2015, Press Release Regarding the Statement Made by US President Obama on the Occasion of 24 April

We have noted with disappointment that President Barack Obama’s statement on April 23, 2015 is highly far from assessing, based on a just memory, the painful period of the shared history between the Turks and Armenians.
It is problematic that the statement is not only disconnected from the fact that what happened during World War I was as sensitive for the Turkish people as it was for the Armenians, but also that it reflects a unilateral point of view. We reject this selective and biased understanding of justice.
The message of condolences issued by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on April 23, 2014 during his tenure as the Prime Minister, and the subsequent statements made by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu on January 20, 2015 and April 20, 2015, are texts that carefully reflect Turkey's perspective on this issue.
The said statements are sincere calls to share, without denying, the sufferings of the past with accurate definitions and attitudes, to collectively and respectfully commemorate all our losses including those of the Ottoman Armenians, and above all to rebuild our common future.
We hope that our call to act with commonsense and the hand that we reach out in friendship will be reciprocated.

Each country that makes a just contribution toward the path of reconciliation between Turks and Armenians will take its place in history as a partner in this “project of friendship”.

In this regard, it is clear that the role of friends and allies carry particular importance.