No: 130, 7 May 2013, Press Release Regarding the Latest Developments in Guinea

We are observing with concern the incidents in Guinea, with which we enjoy bonds of friendship and cooperation, following the announcement of the date of the general elections as 30 June 2013, which constitutes a significant phase in the democratic transition in this country.

The peace and stability of Guinea, one of the leading countries of the Gulf of Guinea and West Africa, is of great importance both for the people of Guinea and for the countries in the region.

In this regard, we hope that this transition period, which we believe will make a significant contribution to the development and stability of the country, will be completed with ease. Furthermore, we call upon all sides to act in restraint.

In this process, Turkey will maintain her strong support in the political and economic fields to Guinea, with which our bilateral relations have entered a process of rapid progress as both sides’ Embassies have become operational at the beginning of 2013.