Joint Statement Adopted at the Conclusion of the Eighth Trilateral Summit of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the President of the Republic of Turkey and the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

His Excellency Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, His Excellency Abdullah Gül, President of the Republic of Turkey and His Excellency Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan held their eighth Trilateral Summit Meeting in Ankara, on 13 February 2014.

On the occasion of the Trilateral Summit, the three Leaders, together with His Excellency Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, held fruitful and comprehensive talks on regional and international security issues at a time when the Heart of Asia is going through a decisive period for the future and significant developments that may have impact on efforts to promote peace and security in the region are expected to take place.

The Leaders, accompanied by the three Ministers of Foreign Affairs and high level security officials,

Recognizing the contribution of the Trilateral Summit Process to regional dialogue,

Reiterating their determination to continue close consultations among the three brotherly countries,

Mindful of the importance of effective bilateral and multilateral coordination and cooperation at all fora including security and intelligence for implementation of agreed mechanisms,

Recalling their commitment at the first Trilateral Summit held in 2007, to deny sanctuary, training and financing to terrorists and to elements involved in subversive and anti-state activities and to initiate immediate action on specific intelligence exchanges in this regard,

Convinced that peace and stability of Afghanistan is critical for peace and stability of the whole region, and reiterating that both Turkey and Pakistan attach importance to maintaining stability and unity of Afghanistan,

Welcoming the positive momentum in the bilateral relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan,

Determined to bring this momentum into fruition by cooperating to promote a secure environment during the Afghanistan Presidential and Provincial Council Elections which is scheduled to take place on 5 April 2014,

Cognizant of the ongoing efforts for peace and reconciliation in the region,

Recalling their agreement at the sixth Trilateral Summit held in 2011, on the need to further broaden and deepen the security consultations between the relevant Afghanistan and Pakistan institutions, and thus agreeing to render their cooperation more result-oriented, through interim review processes,

Reiterated the importance of the ongoing electoral process in Afghanistan in securing a smooth and successful political transition in the country, and underlined in this regard the necessity of a suitable security environment,

Underscored that the international community should continue to contribute to the efforts aiming at supporting Afghan-led and Afghan-owned processes, including those concentrating on further enhancing the Afghan National Security Forces,

Emphasized the pivotal importance of a political settlement within the framework of the Afghan Constitution, to ensure durable peace in Afghanistan and called upon the Afghan Taliban to join the peace process,

Stressed the importance of enhanced cooperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan as immediate neighbors and the need to taking practical steps in supporting the Peace and Reconciliation Process and in promoting the necessary security environment during the Afghan Presidential and Provincial Council elections,

Underlined the necessity of enhancing close coordination between the brotherly countries of Afghanistan and Pakistan for effective border management,

Reiterated their common resolve to combat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations,

Welcomed Pakistan’s decision to extend the stay of registered Afghan refugees in Pakistan until 31 December 2015, while calling upon the international community to assist the two countries in the timely and honorable return of Afghan refugees and their sustainable reintegration in Afghanistan,

Took note of the growing people-to-people contacts between Pakistan and Afghanistan and encouraged that every effort be made to further develop such contacts,

Welcomed efforts of Pakistan and Afghanistan to build a broader relationship with strengthened trade and economic relations,

Acknowledged the development cooperation of Turkey and Pakistan in reconstruction and stabilization of Afghanistan,

Encouraged joint projects for socio-economic development which would serve as an important asset in building mutual trust and solidarity in the region,

Underscored that the international community should also continue to support Afghanistan’s socio-economic development beyond 2014,

The Leaders were also briefed by Mr. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, President of Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges on the work of the İstanbul Forum.

His Excellency Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, His Excellency Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan conveyed their thanks to His Excellency Abdullah Gül, President of the Republic of Turkey and to the Government and brotherly people of Turkey for hosting the eighth Trilateral Summit.