Foreign Minister Davutoğlu delivers a speech at the Brookings Institute
Foreign Minister Davutoğlu delivers a speech at the Brookings Institute

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu paid a working visit to the United States on November 18, 2013.

As part of his contacts in Washington Foreign Minister Davutoğlu delivered a speech entitled “Turkish Foreign Policy at a Time of Global and Regional Transformation: Vision and Challenges” at the Brooking Institute and stated that Turkey-US relations have always been the backbone of the Turkish foreign Policy and the two countries work together on issues in a vast geography ranging from Afghanistan to the Middle East, from the Balkans to the Caucasus.

Noting that the relations between the two countries represent a “model partnership” as defined by U.S. President Barack Obama in 2009 and this model partnership will continue, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu said that “No one in Ankara, nor in Washington doubts that Turkish-American relations will continue to be one of the main alliances in assisting resolution of regional issues in the coming years”

Pointing that Turkey has developed new mechanisms to enhance the relations with its close neighbours Foreign Minister Davutoğlu stated the principle of zero problems with neighbours as well as high level strategic cooperation mechanisms, starting with Iraq in 2009, were developed, joint cabinet meetings were held with 15 countries up until now and in 4 years, 358 agreements were signed with 14 countries.

Referring to Turkey’s policy of opening up to Africa, Latin America and other regions, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu emphasized that all policies on various issues such as energy, transportation proceed in the same direction in coordination and it is aimed that Turkey will be a real global actor and be one of the supporters of stability, democracy and new global and regional order.

Foreign Minister Davutoğlu said “And therefore, we will be in everywhere, whenever we are needed we will be active. Some can try to drive us to engage only in Syria or they consider so. We start the day with Syria, at midday; we are engaged with the Balkans, in the afternoon with Africa and in the evening with the UN or Latin America. No one can set limits to our vision” and pointed out the significant summits to be held in Turkey in the coming years.

Mentioning the developments in the Arab countries, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu noted that “a wave of revolution” was witnessed in 2011, there was a “great optimism” about these issues in 2012, however, 2013 has turned into a year of “disappointment”. Expressing that the Middle East should be headed to democracy, Foreign Minister Davutoğlu highlighted that Turkey supports the democratic transitions in the region.

Foreign Minister Davutoğlu, concerning Turkey’s membership to the EU said that Turkey maintains its EU perspective but the history also flows and Turkey will not wait that somebody who will support Turkey will come to power in Germany or in France and therefore, Turkey tries to have its own vision.