Commercial and Economic Relations between Turkey and Ireland

The bilateral trade volume between Turkey and Ireland stood at 1 billion 498 million USD in 2017, which corresponds to an increase of 13.5 percent compared to the year before (Turkish exports 528 million USD; imports at 970 million USD).

Main Turkish exports to Ireland are motor vehicles, made-up textile articles, electrical machinery, accessories and parts. Main imports from Ireland are medical equipment and medicines, serum vaccine, essential oils, office machines, chemical materials and products, automatic data-processing machines.

As of December 2017, there are 401 Irish companies operating in Turkey in various fields.

Total amount of direct investments from Ireland to Turkey in the period of 2002-2017 is 572 million USD, while the figure is 742 million USD for investments from Turkey to Ireland in the same period.

Approximately 50 thousand Irish tourists visited Turkey in 2017.