Significant Cultural, Artistic Events and Festivals Abroad

Stuttgart-Now” Turkish Culture and Art Festival

Turkish Culture and Art Festival “Stuttgart-Now” was held in Stuttgart between 22-29 November 2005.

During the 8 days-long Festival, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey alongside the Turkish-German Forum and İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Art, over 30 cultural activities were organized in 14 different places.

The Ensemble Resonanz Orchestra, led by Fazıl Say and İbrahim Yazıcı, performed the openning concert of “Stuttgart-Now” in Stuttgart’s Culture and Congress Centre “Liederhalle” on 22 November 2005 and the concert is followed by an audience of 1300 people.

"Turkey Now" Festival

Turkish Culture and Art Festival “Turkey Now”, organized by İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Art in cooperation with Kulsan Foundation, was held between 29 January-21 April 2007 in Netherlands.

Over 20 activities were organized within the framework of this Festival, ranging from classical to world music and from traditional to pop music, plus dance and theatre performances as well as film sessions and exhibitions.

Guest Country Organisations in the Frankfurt Book Fair

Frankfurt Book Fair, which has been held since 1949, is the biggest in the world and it draws attention of the publication sector and media.

“Guest Country” organizations, started in 1988 with Italy, allows the Guest Country to promote itself in the fields of culture, literature, art and tourism with the activities such as exhibitions and panels reflected on the world and German media.

Turkey has been selected to be the Guest Country in the 2008 Frankfurt Book Fair, thanks to the endeavors of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. This Project is expected to have long-term outcomes with respect to the overseas promotion of Turkey as well as to contribute intercultural dialogue among the world nations. The preparatory works of the Project are still going on in coordination with the relevant nongovernmental organizations and various associations of profession.