Relations between Turkey and the Central African Republic

The Turkish Embassy in Kinshasa is accredited to the Central African Republic (CAR), while an Embassy in Bangui is foreseen to be opened. Turkey has an Honorary Consul in Bangui since 2003 and the CAR has an Honorary Consulate in İstanbul since 1995.

Turkish Military Attaché in Kinshasa, appointed in August 2015, is also accredited to Bangui.

After the civil war broke out in the CAR in 2013, Turkey was among the first countries to provide help for the victims of violence, while also paying efforts for the mobilization of the international community to help those in need. On the other hand, Turkey has been supporting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the CAR on every platform.

The CAR participated in the29th Meeting of the standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC), held in 2013 in İstanbul, with a delegation headed by Nicolas Tiangaye, the Prime Minister of the transition period.

Another high-level delegation, headed by the Former Prime Minister of the CAR, André N’Zapayéké, paid an official visit to Turkey on a bilateral basis in June 2014.

The CAR participated with high-level delegations in the Summit of Organization of the Islamic Cooperation held between 10-15 April in İstanbul; the meeting for Comprehensive High-level Midterm Review of Istanbul Action Program for the Least Developed Countries that was held between 27-29 May 2016 in Antalya and in the Turkey - Africa Economy and Business Forum held between 2-3 November 2016 in İstanbul.

The total trade volume between Turkey and the CAR occurred at 3,55 million USD in 2016 and 2,65 million USD in 2017. The main products exported to the CAR from Turkey are paper products, machinery, equipment and cleaning products; while the most imported goods from the CAR are wood, fertilizer materials and minerals.

Two humanitarian help projects for the Central African refugees in Chad and Cameroon were performed successfully in 2014 with the contributions of TİKA, Turkish Red Crescent, Türkiye Diyanet Foundation and other Turkish non-governmental organizations.

Turkey was also represented by our Ambassador in Kinshasa, along with representatives from Turkish humanitarian organizations, in another significant effort for victims of the civil war, when a high-level delegation from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) visited the CAR in April 2014.

Several Turkish humanitarian organizations visited the CAR, with the coordination of the OIC, in 2015 as well. During this visit, the displaced people of the CAR received an humanitarian help of 2 million USD and a donation was also granted to Central African Red Cross by the Turkish Red Crescent.

Our efforts to contribute to the development of basic social and health services in the CAR have continued to date, both by the modernization of hospitals and mosques in Bangui and monetary donations.

Turkey initiated numerous projects in the fields of humanitarian help, donations, restorations of infrastructure and financial support for institutions of the CAR via Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (TİKA), the Turkish Red Crescent, Türkiye Diyanet Foundation and other relevant Turkish institutions. For further detail, please visit

Turkey has provided 9 scholarships to students from CAR for the 2017-2018 academic period, as part of the Turkey Scholarships program. Since 1992, 129 scholarships have been granted to Central African’s students.