The Diplomatic Academy is a training institution primarily providing training programs to the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey (MFA) and career diplomats from various countries. These training programs include:

• Training of Candidate officers of MFA

• Courses for MFA Personnel

• Training Programs for Other Ministries and Public Institutions

• Program for International Junior Diplomats

• Programs within Bilateral Cooperation

Training of Candidate officers of MFA (Pre-Service Training)

The Academy prepares pre-service training programs for a period of 6 months for the candidate career and consular officer and expert diplomats. The training program consists of three phases: basic training, preparatory training and a probationary period. Upon successful completion of the first two stages of the training program, candidates start their in-service training. The probationary period continues for one year of service.

Courses for MFA Personnel (In-Service Training)

The Diplomatic Academy also organizes refresher and orientation courses for different categories of the cadres of the MFA assigned abroad and for those returning from positions abroad.

Training Programs for Other Ministries and State Institutions

The Academy prepares a series of lectures for the staff of other Ministries and State Institutions who are assigned to Turkish diplomatic and consular missions abroad. These 3 day intensive programs called “Foreign Service Orientation Courses” are conducted with the aim to familiarize and inform the participants about the requirements and essentials of working within our missions abroad.

Program for International Junior Diplomats

“The Training Program for International Junior Diplomats” has been growing ever since its inception in 1992, reaching 5 continents and over 60 countries today. Hosted by the Diplomatic Academy of the MFA, the program up until now has accommodated over 700 junior diplomats. The training program continues for a month period and entails lectures on current topics of international and regional issues. Excursions to cultural and historic sites of Turkey complement the program.

Programs within Bilateral Cooperation

Special bilateral country specific training programs for foreign diplomats are also organized by the Academy. The program involves briefings at the MFA and visits to institutions of interest of that specific group. Excursions to cultural and historic sites also form part of the program.