No: 297, 26 November 2016, Press Release Regarding the Passing of Fidel Castro, Former President of Cuba

We have learned with great sorrow the passing away of Fidel Castro, the legendary leader of the Cuban Revolution. Fidel Castro, who realized radical reforms in his country in many areas ranging from health to education and from art to science, has left a legacy of values and ideals which will lead the way for young generations in Cuba.

The struggle to which he devoted his life had an impact not only in Cuba but in the whole world and has received respect even in different political camps. He fought against global injustice and worked towards the establishment of a more egalitarian and solidarist world. His words “ Another World is Possible” reflect the common aspiration of billions of people today, ranging from Latin America to Asia and from the Middle East to Africa, regardless of their political views.

We still remember the interest and warm feelings displayed by our people to Fidel Castro when he came to İstanbul for the Habitat Conference in 1996.

We extend our condolences to the family of Fidel Castro and friendly people of Cuba.