No: 26, 1 February 2013, Press Release Regarding the Terrorist Attack Perpetrated Against U.S. Embassy in Ankara

We strongly condemn the heinous terrorist attack perpetrated against U.S. Embassy in Ankara on 1 February 2013 and express our full and cordial solidarity with all members of the Embassy, especially Ambassador Frank Riccardone.

We wish God's mercy upon our citizen who lost his life in this hateful attack and convey our condolences to his bereaved family. We also wish a speedy recovery to our two wounded citizens, including Didem Tuncay, the distinguished member of press. 

The attack against U.S. Embassy in Ankara is an aggressive terrorist act against the democratic values that Turkey upholds along with the USA and other allies.

Turkey believes that the effective fight against terrorism should be carried out in unity and solidarity with the international community. In this process, we will resolutely continue our fight against terrorism in a spirit of full solidarity and cooperation with the USA and other allies.