No: 258, 25 November 2010, Press Release Regarding the Results of Parliamentary Elections in Afghanistan

Its our sincere wish that the results of parliamentary elections certified by the Independent Election Commission be beneficial to friendly and brotherly Afghanistan. The elections which have been carried out under difficult security conditions constitute one of the most important phases in the vital process that Afghanistan is passing through. The Independent Election Commission and the Electoral Complaints Commission have undertaken critical roles in the elections. Turkey hopes that the situation in the Ghazni province where the results have not yet been certified will be clarified swiftly and in conformity with the law.

The harmony and mutual understanding to be displayed by the members of the new parliament will play a critical role in reinforcing national unity and solidarity, which are imperative for lasting peace and stability. We expect the candidates who have not been elected to advocate for the Afghan democracy and support and contribute to it, particularly with a view to ensuring that the delicate curve that Afghanistan is currently going thorough is successfully taken. We are confident that everyone will fulfill their responsibilities in support of peace and calm which the Afghan people highly deserve.

In the time ahead, swift commencement of the work of the new Parliament will directly contribute to the enduring success of the process by which our Afghan brothers and sisters will assume full responsibility in their own country. Activating the Parliament as soon as possible will also be important for taking forward the work on political reconciliation.

Undoubtedly, Turkey will continue her comprehensive support to Afghanistan in accordance with the needs of our Afghan brothers and sisters and as long as required.

On this occasion, we congratulate the Parliament, its honorable members who will play essential roles towards the stable future of Afghanistan, as well as the Afghan people.