No. 174, 24 June 2012, Press Release Regarding the Results of the Presidential Elections in Egypt

The Supreme Presidential Electoral Commission of Egypt has announced today (24 June) that H.E. Mr. Mohammed Morsi won the run-off of the Presidential elections which were held in Egypt on 16-17 June 2012.

We congratulate H.E. Mr. Mohammed Morsi who is elected through the reflection of the free will of the people into the ballot box. We wish that the results of these elections, which are of great importance for the completion of the transition process and the advancement of the democratic transformation in Egypt, would be beneficial for the people of Egypt and our region. Furthermore, we congratulate the Egyptian people for this major step on the path of democracy and for the determination and maturity that they displayed throughout the process.

We believe that in order to preserve social peace and stability during the ongoing sensitive and difficult period in Egypt, it will be essential that the Egyptian people’s free will is respected by all sides and that the transition process is completed in a successful and timely manner in line with the Egyptian people's legitimate demands and aspirations, with due regard to democratic legitimacy, national unity and compromise.

Major challenges await the new President who is set to lead the Egyptian people towards the free and pluralistic democratic future that they rightfully deserve. In this respect, maintenance of the constructive, conciliatory and inclusive approach displayed by H.E. Mr. Morsi in his electoral campaign and the continuation of the support he received from all segments of the society in Egypt will be essential.

We strongly believe that our Egyptian brothers will emerge even stronger from this historic democratic transition and transformation process, which is of importance for the future of the entire Middle East region, and build a stable and prosperous future under the leadership of H.E. President Morsi.

We wish success to H.E. President Morsi in his new tenure and reiterate that Turkey will continue to stand by the Egyptian people and support Egypt’s democratization process in the framework of our historical friendly and brotherly relations.