No: 154, 04 June 2012, Press Release Regarding the Second Meeting of the Coordinating Committee of Global Counterterrorism Forum

On 7-8 June 2012, Turkey will host the Second Meeting of the Coordinating Committee of Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) in Istanbul. The Committee is the highest decision-making body of the Forum, which was formally launched in September 2011 and is co-chaired by Turkey and the USA. 29 nations including Turkey and the EU are members of the Forum.
GCTF members represent different geographies around the world, sharing a common ground in fighting terrorism. Participation in the Forum and its cooperation activities are on voluntary basis. GCTF is intended to become a platform to contribute to the fight against terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. It aims at bringing together the national experiences knowledge and ongoing efforts in this field in a civilian-oriented perspective. In this vein, the Forum provides an opportunity for interaction among relevant experts. In the Second meeting of the Coordinating Committee, various documents are to be adopted and projects to be announced in line with GCTF’s objectives.

The majority of the GCTF Members will attend the meeting in Istanbul at ministerial level. The UN which has contributed to the process since its inception will also participate at the meeting.

The Ministerial Session of the 2nd Meeting of the Coordinating Committee will be held on June 7, which will be followed by sessions to be conducted by senior officials on June 7 and 8.

Global Counterterrorism Forum with its multi-dimensional perspective on a global scale, constitutes a significant initiative in the fight against terrorism.