No: 119, 18 April 2017, Press Release Regarding the Visit of Ambassador Ahmet Yıldız, Deputy Foreign Minister, to Kosovo and Macedonia

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Ambassador Ahmet Yıldız, will pay a visit to Kosovo to participate in the event organised on the occasion of the “April 23 Kosovo Turks National Day” between 20-23 April 2017. On this occasion, Deputy Minister Yıldız will meet Kosovar authorities. Deputy Minister Yıldız will also pay a visit to the Republic of Macedonia on 24 April 2017.

Deputy Minister Yıldız will attend the events of the Days of Turks in the cities of Gjilan, Mamusha and Prizren. During both visits, Deputy Minister Yıldız is expected to meet with the representatives of the Turkish communities living in Kosovo and Macedonia.