International community reaffirmed its support to Somalia in İstanbul.

International community reaffirmed its support to Somalia in İstanbul.

Istanbul II Conference on Somalia, under the theme “Preparing Somalia’s Future: Goals for 2015” was held in close cooperation with the United Nations in İstanbul on 31 May - 1 June 2012.

On the first day of the Conference, Partnership Forums on the topics of “Water”, “Energy“, “Roads” and “Resilience” were organized with the participation of bureaucrats, experts and businessmen.

Conclusions For Day One of the Second İstanbul Conference on Somalia.

On the second day of the Conference, the high level participants exchanged views concerning the possible additional steps with a view to concluding the Transition Period which Somalia is going through as well as short and medium term strategies on the Post-Transition Period.

The Conference agreed that for genuine peace to take hold in Somalia, Somali people should seek dialogue, reconciliation and political cooperation including in establishing inclusive, accountable and legitimate governance. It was noted that at this critical period in Somalia’s history, the security, political, social and economic achievements of the past year have given Somalis and the international community a renewed hope for the future. The Conference also underlined that the role of the international community is to support Somalis to provide leadership and ownership in rebuilding a functioning state and local governments that can provide security, ensure the rule of law and respect for human rights, provide basic social services and create an enabling environment that allows for economic opportunity for all its citizens.

The Second İstanbul Conference on Somalia, Final Declaration