Turkey’s Relations with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Turkey and IFAD enjoy good relations. With the intention of actively taking part in the activities of IFAD, Turkey regularly participates in the meetings of the Governing Council and Executive Board, which are the decision-making and executive bodies of the Organization. Other activities of IFAD are being followed through the meetings of List C2 and Turkey is a member of it.

Given the importance it attaches to active participation, Turkey served two consecutive terms at the IFAD Executive Board from 2008 to 2010. During this period Turkey also served as a member of the “Working Group on Performance Basis Payment”.

Turkey joined the Advisory Group of the 8th Replenishment (2010-2012) and made significant contributions. During the meeting of the Executive Board on 19-20 February 2011, Turkey was elected to the Advisory Group of the 9th Replenishment (2013-2015) to represent the List C2, along with Afghanistan, China, India, Pakistan and South Korea.

Turkey’s contribution to the Organization’s budget amounts to 1.200.000 USD for the 8th Budgetary Period, displaying an increase of 300.000 USD compared with the previous period. Furthermore, with a view to make a contribution to the Organization as well as to the promotion of the country, Turkey had officially registered one of the venues within the premises of IFAD as the “Turkish Lounge”.

IFAD has implemented 8 projects in Turkey and, the sum of loans approved for Turkey’s utilization has amounted to 142.7 million USD since 1982. Aiming to increase the standard of living in rural areas through these projects IFAD has been working in close cooperation with the UN Development Programme (UNDP), Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID), World Bank and Islamic Development Bank.

Since 2000, the projects implemented in Turkey in cooperation with IFAD have focused on supporting participation and income diversification. Currently, three projects are being implemented with the support of IFAD in Turkey. Information regarding these projects is as follows:

- Diyarbakir-Siirt-Batman Development Project: Started in 2007, the project is planned to be completed in 2012. IFAD is expected to finance 24.1 million USD of the total budget of 36.9 million USD. Of the remaining amount, 4.8 million USD is to be financed by the Turkish Government, 7.8 million USD is to be met by the participants and 750.000 USD is to be contributed by the UNDP. The project aims to improve physical and social infrastructures of the rural villages in Diyarbakir, Siirt and Batman and, to prioritize educating youngsters and women. Creation of income and employment opportunities in non-agricultural sectors for the villagers is another objective of the project.

- Sivas-Erzincan Development Project: Started in 2005, the project is planned to be completed in 2012. IFAD is expected to finance 13.1 million USD of the total budget of 30 million USD. The project aims to improve agricultural productivity and increase level of income in rural areas of Erzincan and Sivas, encourage individuals and shareholders to take new entrepreneurial initiatives either individually or jointly and, strengthen social and productive infrastructure and develop sustainable institutions that would provide direct assistance to the low-income people. In sum, ameliorating living conditions in the rural areas in particular for women is the objective of the project.

- Kars-Ardahan-Artvin Development Project: Started in 2010, the project is planned to be completed in 2015. The project was approved during the Executive Board of IFAD which was held on 15-17 December 2009 and the Project Agreement was signed in Rome on 12 April 2010. In order to improve living conditions and ensure sustainable development, the project aims to strengthen capacity of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Kars, Ardahan and Artvin, with respect to efficiency in agricultural output, husbandry, creating new sources of income and marketing. The project also aims to promote use of new techniques in producing cereals, fertilizers, vegetables and fruits, husbandry, improving irrigation facilities and rural infrastructure, developing agricultural processing units and advancing marketing capabilities. IFAD has granted to Turkey a loan of 19.2 million USD for this project.

The following projects have been finalized in cooperation with IFAD since 1982:

- Ordu-Giresun Rural Development Project (1995)

Total cost: 50.9 million USD
IFAD loan: 20 million USD

- Yozgat Rural Development Project (1990)

Total cost: 40.5 million USD
IFAD loan: 16.4 million USD

- Bingöl-Muş Rural Development Project (1989)

Total cost: 61.2 million USD
IFAD loan: 19. 9 million USD

- Agricultural Development and Applied Research Project (1984)

Total cost: 197.7 million USD
IFAD loan: 10 million USD

- Erzurum Rural Development Project (1982)

Total cost: 128 million USD
IFAD loan: 20 million USD