Bilateral Relations between Turkey and Libya

Turkey has deep rooted relations with the Libyan people. Due to its historical and cultural bonds, Turkey attaches utmost importance to the security and welfare of the Libyan people.

Following the Revolution of 17 February 2011, Turkey recognized the National Transitional Council as the “sole representative of Libyan people”. Turkey has been the first country to appoint an Ambassador to Tripoli on 2 September 2011, after the full control of Tripoli by the National Transitional Council.

In line with the urgent priorities of Libya, Turkey has contributed to institution building efforts in Libya, particularly in the fields of security and economic recovery. Nevertheless, in 2014, assistance programs led by Turkey have been suspended, due to deteriorating security situation in the country.

Due to the same reasons, Turkish Consulate General in Benghazi has temporarily been closed on 14 June 2014. Turkish Embassy in Tripoli is also not operational since 25 July 2014. On the other hand, Turkish Consulate in Misrata continues its operations.

Turkey has actively supported the Libyan political dialogue process facilitated by the United Nations throughout 2015. Turkey has engaged with all sides in Libya in order to encourage them to join the political process and come out with a mutually acceptable agreement. Turkey has closely followed meetings of the political dialogue participants and hosted various meetings of Libyan stakeholders.

Turkey has welcomed the signing of the Libyan Political Agreement on 17 December 2015, which offers a clear framework for long-lasting peace and stability in Libya. Mr. Çavuşoğlu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, took part at the signing ceremony held in Skhirat, Morocco. Turkey supports the Government of National Accord in its endeavors to effectively implement the Libyan Political Agreement.

Maintaining close cooperation with the new Libyan authorities, Turkey will resume assistance programs in coordination with the Government of National Accord, once the security situation on the ground allows.

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